Verge Gallery Opening Sat. 7-19-2014

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Well, the opening went great! Many supportive people came out and I sold work! I am looking forward to the many great opportunities that will come with being part of this group. Everyone is cool and supportive and have a lot of great ideas to get our work out there and they give great input as well.

I am unabashedly a California photographer. When I moved from Minnesota to Venice Beach in 1997 I quickly grew to love the golden hour and the way it transformed my new home into something magical. These shots are a tribute to that time and to a town where anything is possible. It is a testament to a place where you can walk out your door at sunset and be at the edge of a country with an unobstructed view of the beauty that is our planet being pelted with solar light filtered through our atmosphere. I am trying to show some of the best moments that we take for granted.

Here are the shots that I showed in the show. If you are interested email me and I will get you sorted out.



“Venice Sunset Storm Cloud”

16″ x 24″, Edition of 25, $650.


“Venice Sunset Splash”

12″ x 18″, Edition of 25, $550.


“Venice Birds At Sunset”

7″ x 11″, Edition of 25, $300.


“Venice Sign At Sunset”

12″ x 18″, Edition of 25, $550.


“Venice Storm Cloud”

“17 x 26”, Edition of 25, $700.

There! It’s like your own little show!(Little salon style at the end there) Most of these are on my website if you want to see them bigger. Thanks!

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