Jane’s Addiction Sunset Strip Music Festival

Another amazing collaboration with my sister C.J., we got to enjoy the VIP treatment from the beginning when we headed to Perry Farrel’s house to hitch a ride to the festival with him, his wife Etty and their two kids. Such an amazing life sometimes!
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Janes Sunset Strip - 35

Jail Guitar Doors

Last Friday Night I was privileged to go shoot Jail Guitar Doors, A Wayne Kramer from MC5 benefit concert for a program that brings instruments to inmates. It had a lot of big stars and you can read about it all here on my sister’s blog!



Venice Family Clinic Surf and Skate Auction

I am pleased to announce that I will have another skateboard deck in the annual Venice Family Clinic Surf & Skate Auction. What is very cool is that I will be among some wonderful established artist but also with some of my childhood skate idols. My name is listed right above Jeff Grosso, also on the list are Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi and Kevin Staab! It will be an honor to share walls with these legends. It is this Thursday, August 28th, from 6:30-9 at the Robert Berman Gallery at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Venice Family Clinic.

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This is the deck of mine that will be in the auction.
Skateboard deck Acrylic on skateboard $250.

Gallery 825

About a year ago, I submitted some work (paintings and photos) to become a member of Gallery 825, the Los Angeles Art Association’s gallery. I was accepted, so this basically means you are now able to submit to their group shows, which are curated by an assortment of different reputable people who run museums, galleries and other high profile art world ventures. Each show has a different theme, so it is not always a perfect fit, but it does give you a new opportunity to re-interpret your work or to make something new for a potential show.

Well, I have submitted for a few shows and the one I was accepted for was their annual auction that benefits the gallery and the programs they run.

The LAAA’s 2014 Annual Benefit Auction serves as an important survey exhibition and auction opportunity featuring a pool of emerging talent, as well as pieces by established artists, such as John Baldessari, Ed Moses, Ann Hamilton, Shepard Fairey, Lita Albuquerque and Ed Ruscha.”

A cool opportunity to show alongside these well known names.

My piece “Skateboard 1” was part of the silent auction and sold with 2 bids!

Skateboard deck Acrylic on skateboard $250.


Verge Gallery Opening Sat. 7-19-2014

VERGE_HR_back (2)

Well, the opening went great! Many supportive people came out and I sold work! I am looking forward to the many great opportunities that will come with being part of this group. Everyone is cool and supportive and have a lot of great ideas to get our work out there and they give great input as well.

I am unabashedly a California photographer. When I moved from Minnesota to Venice Beach in 1997 I quickly grew to love the golden hour and the way it transformed my new home into something magical. These shots are a tribute to that time and to a town where anything is possible. It is a testament to a place where you can walk out your door at sunset and be at the edge of a country with an unobstructed view of the beauty that is our planet being pelted with solar light filtered through our atmosphere. I am trying to show some of the best moments that we take for granted.

Here are the shots that I showed in the show. If you are interested email me and I will get you sorted out.



“Venice Sunset Storm Cloud”

16″ x 24″, Edition of 25, $650.


“Venice Sunset Splash”

12″ x 18″, Edition of 25, $550.


“Venice Birds At Sunset”

7″ x 11″, Edition of 25, $300.


“Venice Sign At Sunset”

12″ x 18″, Edition of 25, $550.


“Venice Storm Cloud”

“17 x 26”, Edition of 25, $700.

There! It’s like your own little show!(Little salon style at the end there) Most of these are on my website if you want to see them bigger. Thanks!