absunsetsplash-smMy mission with photography is to search for all the special moments and perfect light that I can get my lens in the way of. I find that the natural world often does all the work for you, it is just up to me to find a unique perspective. California has been of particular inspiration to me, there are just so many wonderful and unique land features here. I am inspired by Ansel Adams and his use of the “golden hour” to get striking images. I work in color primarily although I am also open to experimentation with external light sources. My work has been getting attention lately through a few galleries and designers and I look forward to going further with my career.

I have found art to almost be a religious experience and that is what I have tried to convey in my work. A “sublimely religious connotation” is what I hope the viewer experiences both through my stained glass style paintings and through my photography which celebrates the beauty of our natural world. My latest series of paintings are based on some of the ideas of Andy Goldsworthy brought into permanence on wood panel. My latest photo series celebrates the surreal beauty of Joshua Tree National Park, where you feel less attached to the earth than you do space.

I have always been a multi-media artist. Painting, Photography, Music, Video, Prose and whatever else spirit moves me. I feel art is being open to the creative muse and I welcome whatever ideas I have into creation.

You can see news and info about any upcoming shows here, pricing info is here and please feel free to get in touch.